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PostHeaderIcon Princess Solitaire

Princess SolitaireThe Kingdom of Marderburg is preparing to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the ruling dynasty’s prosperity and success. The king, the princess and her fairy Godmother are ready to meet the honored guests, especially the prince from the neighboring kingdom. They did almost everything but… they forgot to invite the wicked witch. Offended by this gesture, the witch threw a curse over the castle using card magic!

As the kingdom’s master of ceremonies, you must help the fairy neutralize the witch’s spells. Look for scrolls, keys and other necessary objects by completing solitaire challenges and removing magic cards!

On your adventure, you’ll find lots of different obstacles and boosters while you confront unique and challenging solitaire layouts. This is a task for patient, smart and courageous players. Are you ready to fight the wicked witch using only your brain and cards? Play Princess Solitaire and save the kingdom!

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PostHeaderIcon Summer Adventure: American Voyage 2

Summer Adventure: American Voyage 2Explore America! Visit incredible cities, islands and other locations while taking in its unique spirit and culture! Enjoy challenging mini games and collect photo albums during your journey to document this amazing voyage.

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PostHeaderIcon Our Beautiful Earth

Our Beautiful EarthForests. Deserts. Small towns. Seashores. There are many beautiful places on our planet. They are all gifts from nature to mankind. If you can’t travel to these places in person, start a relaxing, enjoyable experience by playing Our Beautiful Earth today!

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PostHeaderIcon Crown Of The Empire: Around The World

Crown Of The Empire: Around The World8floor Games presents a fun new follow-up to the first game in the series with Crown of the Empire: Around the World!

Unlike her sister, Elena never dreamed of elegant weddings or luxurious clothes. Even as the chief maid-of-honor, she preferred exploring dark caves to mingling at elegant parties. But Elena is in for the adventure of a lifetime when the crown prince goes missing during a search and rescue mission for the queen’s favorite corgi! And this time, she has reason to suspect foul play! Join Elena in her quest to find the missing prince through an alternate history version of the Victorian era in this exciting time management adventure!

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PostHeaderIcon Campgrounds V Collector’s Edition

Campgrounds V Collector's EditionA refreshing new entry in the Campgrounds series, from Jumb-O-Fun Games Inc!

Everyone needs a vacation sooner or later, and Addie is no exception! So, she’s enlisting her old friend Tom from the Endorus Expedition! Now, Tom has big shoes to fill, and his camp development skills are a little rusty, so he’ll need your know-how to help brush the cobwebs off and get things up and running in this quirky new Time Management game!

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PostHeaderIcon Dark Romance: Vampire Origins

Dark Romance: Vampire OriginsDomini Games is back with the latest chilling installment of the Dark Romance series!

A simple trip to the doctor’s takes a dark turn when your journey leads you straight into the path of a vampire! Your father may have chased away this deadly foe before you were born, but now he’s back and out for revenge. But blood’s not all he’s after. He’s looking for the half vampire he created before fleeing, a person you’ve just uncovered is you! With the safety of your home and beloved hanging in the balance, can you outmaneuver this monster without turning into one yourself? Find out in this spine-tingling Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

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PostHeaderIcon Grim Tales: Heritage Collector’s Edition

Grim Tales: Heritage Collector's EditionElephant Games proudly presents the latest spine-tingling installment of the Grim Tales series!

Your sister-in-law Maureen has received a newspaper clipping from the future, one that describes her own death! With your father Richard out of town, you and your daughter Alice rush to her aid. It seems her charitable nature has landed Maureen on someone’s bad side, but who wants her dead and why? Can you travel into the future and stop a dangerous criminal from destroying Maureen’s good work and her life? Find out in this gripping Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

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PostHeaderIcon Hungry Invaders

Hungry InvadersJoin in the exciting battle in this unique and tasty mix of time-management and tower defense genres!

Grow, cook and hurl food towards beasts to defeat them. Upgrade your equipment to overcome new challenges! Travel around the world through hundreds of fun and challenging levels and explore distinctively themed environments with unique weather effects. Encounter a diverse selection of invaders – from photophobic ghosts to fire-breathing dragons, the fate of the world rests in your hands (and your recipes).

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PostHeaderIcon The Forgotten Land

The Forgotten LandThe Forgotten Land is a dark puzzle adventure full of challenges and dangers. Only skill and strategy will lead you to victory – both in turn-based battles and in challenging fights against heinous creatures – and maybe, eventually, you’ll escape the dark forces of the realm unscathed.

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PostHeaderIcon Travel To Mexico

Travel To MexicoGet ready to enjoy an exciting Mexican adventure! Join the Hudson family on their trip south of the border – to amazing Mexico! It’s your opportunity to explore this beautiful country and experience its bright culture and incredible history!

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